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Hunting dog tournaments keep dogs and hunters in shape for the season

Hogback Labs is a family run kennal that prides itself in breeding, training and hunting over the best dogs. We breed and train a veriety of dogs but our focus is Labrador Retrivers.

John Lewis, Champion Competition Hunter and Organization Coordinator has been hunting since he was a boy. His father bred hunting dogs which is where John grew a passion and respect for a quality hunting dog. Labs are known for their outstanding temperament and drive in the field. Hogback Labs only breeds the best dogs to ensure temperment, drive and Health.

Hog Back Labs owning a well-trained gundog doesn’t just happen by chance; an intensive training program is normally undertaken from the puppy stage, often with the help of a club. Working Gundogs is committed to providing training for its members and regularly conducts training days and other events to improve dogs for hunting and retrieving in the field. The dog’s skills are also honed for trials. The discipline is structured to facilitate all levels of dogs, from young beginners to mature champions, and is fortunate to have some of leading trainers and handlers as instructors.


With a variety of possible issues when breeding Hogback Labs take care to have the best and healthiest breeding stock to insure the long term health adn wellness of all the dogs. We will work with you to help find teh best dog for your family or the best Stud.

Hog Back Labs is seeking sponsorship to give them the resources to compete at a championship level as a tournament hunting team. The team will compete in the Chucker Classic Champion, North American Gun Dog Qualifier Champion, NBDC Western National Puppy Flusher Champion, and many local events


  • Hogback Labs stud dogs are all of the Highst Quailty. Most of the dogs have won titles in a varitey of bird dog competitions and trials. We have videos of all of the dogs in action.

  • We would love to work with you to make sure we match you the most suitable Stud for your Dam.


Little Bruen

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